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spsR: Synthetic Purposive Sampling


R package spsR implements Synthetic Purposive Sampling (SPS) that allows users to select diverse study sites for external validity, as developed in Egami and Lee (2023+).



  • Egami and Lee. (2023+). Designing Multi-Context Studies for External Validity: Site Selection via Synthetic Purposive Sampling.

Overview of the Website

  • Please start with Get Started Page.

    • This page should be sufficient for understanding the basic use of the package.

  • We provide more detailed practical guides on Practical Guides.

    • Include (1) step-by-step instructions, (2) answers to frequently asked questions, (3) suggestions about data collection.

Installation Instructions

You can install the most recent development version using the devtools package. First you have to install devtools using the following code. Note that you only have to do this once:

Then, load devtools and use the function install_github() to install spsR:

install_github("naoki-egami/spsR", dependencies = TRUE)


This research is supported by the National Science Foundation (SES–2318659).